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We are pleased to announce that WesternOne is now part of United Rentals!

The combined strengths and expertise of both companies will allow us to offer you even better service through a broader range of equipment, higher level of convenience with over 1,000 branches, as well as the best people in the industry.

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Heating Plans & Climate Control for the Oilfield

WesternOne has an extensive inventory of heat source equipment including direct fired heaters, indirect fired heaters, flameless heaters and ground thaw/hydronic heaters, as well as portable temporary power generators, in a variety of output capacities. 

Flameless heat solutions from WesternOne are safer, more fuel-efficient, and more cost-effective than other solutions on the market. The units operate without a flame, many are fully self-contained, and they're perfect for use in the oil and gas industry. Our selection of temporary portable power generators from 15 - 100 KW, will ensure you never run out of power on site. 

We have a team of engineers that will tailor a heating solution specifically for your site. Ask about this service when you speak to one of our experts; request a quote or contact your nearest WesternOne location.

All-In Service

WesternOne offers an All-In Service model that allows us to operate, service, optimize and maintain all equipment on your site for you. Our operators are trained and adhear to all site specific safety requirements and work as part of your team. Since they are on-site, they are able to quickly respond to any equipment or transportation needs and ensure equipment placement is optimized for airflow and fuel efficiency and adjust accordingly. Engineered heat calculations, drawings and documentation of daily maintenance checks are standard a standard practice that you can count on. 

For more information on the All-In Service or to partner with WesternOne, request a quote or contact your nearest WesternOne location.