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We are pleased to announce that WesternOne is now part of United Rentals!

The combined strengths and expertise of both companies will allow us to offer you even better service through a broader range of equipment, higher level of convenience with over 1,000 branches, as well as the best people in the industry.

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General Contractors

WesternOne provides a high level of expertise to help general contractors accurately determine their specific heating needs. We work to ensure maximum efficiency and avoid wasted money and resources. Our wide range of heating products means that you will always be able to find the right heater for the job.

WesternOne is backed by over 30 years experience of heating worksites and will work with you to effectively define your heating requirements, ensuring that costs don’t compromise your project’s timeline or budget.

To speak with one of our heating experts, request a quote or contact your nearest WesternOne location.