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State of the Art Hospital Construction Matched with WEDGE

The challenge 

A state of the art hospital was being built in the Northern Alberta town of Grande Prairie. The government had mandated that the contractor monitor the temperature and humidity in the building as it was being constructed. The general contractor was using a basic monitoring system that required a worker to walk to every sensor, twice a day, every day to take note of each sensor’s data and then input that data into a spreadsheet to ensure the temperature and humidity were being kept within the necessary parameters.

The outcome 

WesternOne was able to install an initial 40 WEDGE sensors around the worksite in place of the other sensors being used. A worker was able to better use their time and skill towards constructing instead of reading sensors, gathering data and inputting data. The WEDGE Dashboard provides real-time and historical data that is archived and downloadable. WEDGE also sends alerts to your mobile device if a pre-set threshold has been reached on any one of the sensors. The alert gives you the exact location of the sensor and the nature of the alert allowing the contractor to easily troubleshoot the problem. The installation of WEDGE saved the contractor time, resources and money. It also    gave them an easy solution to see and track the government mandated data that was required.

As a customer using this technology first-hand on a large construction project in Northern Alberta, WEDGETM is one of my most valuable tools. Instantly knowing when I need to adjust heat, humidity, and airflow and being able to remotely monitor my worksite is a tremendous advantage.
Matt Thunderchild, Foreman, Graham Construction