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Pipe Freeze-Up Thawed by WesternOne

The challenge 

During a cold snap in Northern Alberta, a customer contacted WesternOne with an emergency pipe freeze up that was affecting production. The customer needed immediate attention and our expertise to solve the problem and ensure no downtime in production. 

Once WesternOne was engaged to help, our team quickly gathered information on the frozen pipe. Before we could insulate the pipe to thaw the line, WesternOne needed to uncover the pipe from 3 feet of snow.

The outcome 

WesternOne took matters into their own hands, grabbed shovels and started to dig around the 6km long frozen pipe. Our determination, manpower and shovels helped us to complete the dig. We immediately went to work to deploy every piece of heating equipment available to help in this emergency situation. 

The team at WesternOne and our support teams dilligently sourced more heaters for the site. Within 10 days, we had had 15 heaters loaded and trucked up to the site. Once the downed pipe was dug out, it was ready to be insulated and thawed, with minimal delays due to WesternOne's 'all-hands-on-deck' approach. The customer was satisfied with our ability to act quickly and resourcefully in this emergency situation. We were able to effectively get their production line back on schedule.