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Cost Effective Heating Plan with Limited Resource Availability

The challenge 

A large recreation centre needed temporary heating with only limited natural gas available and an incomplete power system.

The outcome 

WesternOne received the blueprints from the General Contractor and calculated the total heat load required for the building during each phase of construction.

Using the heat calculations completed by our Engineering team, WesternOne provided the ideal equipment for the job, taking into consideration site access, ideal heater placement, size restrictions, power limitations and the amount of natural gas supply. Due to the large footprint, three IMAC4000s and six IMAC2000s where chosen along with strategically placed 42” fans to distribute the heated air evenly.

To solve the power and fuel supply issues, a plan was put in place using 1000 gallon propane tanks, 40/40 Vaporizers and properly sized Generators. Fueling and access issues were taken into consideration during the design phase to make the solution as efficient as possible.

With cost-effectiveness in mind, the heating plan was developed to incorporate permanent services as they where introduced. This plan worked alongside the General Contractor’s construction plan and phased out the extra power and fuel equipment as it became unnecessary.

This resulted in an almost seamless transition from diesel-powered generators and propane fuel to permanent site power and natural gas services. The result was increasing the customer's cost-effectiveness all without incurring any downtime.